Tuesday, June 30, 2015

When I don't have much idea of what to sew, or I've reached a stalemate in a current project, I often just make HST, on spec. I cut a lot of scraps into this triangle shape, so there's always plenty on hand and it involves nothing more strenuous than matching two fabrics together,

I have a container of 2 1/2" ones, and another of 2" finished squares.

I began sewing Broken Dishes units with the 2 1/2"  pile and have amassed quite a box full.

I then sewed some  into 12" squares, using nine of the smaller blocks. I love the rich colours I'm using, and so far I feel no urgency to rush ahead and make heaps of them. At the moment I'm happy to just potter and plod along whenever I feel like it.

I used 2" HST to make this smaller block, containing just four of the broken dishes units,

and tried some pinwheels too, just for a different effect.

I'm not looking to finish anything from these blocks yet, I'm just playing with possibilities.


Friday, June 26, 2015

A few posts ago I showed some bright scrappy HST that I'd been sewing. I'd been using these as Leader-enders for quite a while, so there was a satisfying pile of them, ready to turn into something. I decided to make these star blocks, and as each one takes 16 HST, and the finished  block only  measures 6 inches I knew it wouldn't be very big. A nice cot quilt that I could whip out easily.

The blocks went together fairly quickly, I chose the sashing and set them into a top, and then I had The Bright  Idea. What about a pieced border?

Yes, a few more of those triangles around the edge should do it...
or what about a double row of them...?

Hmm, have to work out the measurements and get them to turn the corner somehow....

Such a good idea at the time, and I think the result is worth it, but oh my giddy aunt, the extra sewing this entailed! Another two hundred or so HST had me chopping up lots of light fabrics and more of the brights and stitching solidly on this border for many hours.

That's the trouble with leader-ender projects, at certain times they just take over and I become obsessed with finishing them. The idea of slowly piecing the border triangles over the next few months just wasn't an option. I wanted this done, Now!

I couldn't take a good photo of this top for some reason, what looks like red fabric is actually a hot pink that my camera couldn't capture. These bright colours are so not my style, and yet I enjoyed working with them. Now that I'm done with this, it's back to the softer reproduction fabrics I love, browns and greys and cream. At least I've proved I can step outside my comfort zone occasionally...


Sunday, May 31, 2015

Happy first birthday to this little cutie! She is so beautiful and has the most happy laid-back personality. She enjoys an adoring fan club, especially uncle Matt and her two nannas.

She has strawberry blonde hair, with ginger highlights and wonderful blue eyes, and I often think how how our mum would have loved to see her. She always wanted a redhead in the family.

 I'm loving having her so close so we can play a part in her life.

Love you Isobel!....


Monday, May 25, 2015

 I sewed the borders on my four patch top, at last. I love this grey brown fabric and I think it calms down the busyness of those blocks nicely.

I like the way the yellow border doesn't turn the corner, it makes things a little bit different.

I've been calling this block "Abacus" because the little squares looked like beads on a rail to me.

I enjoyed making the four patches, and setting them on point in the block.  I might be making more of them at some stage, I don't feel as if I've finished with them yet.

For something that is completely outside my usual colour choices I've been playing with some bright scraps, making lots and lots of 2" half square triangles. It's been fun, but I do adore my more sober reproduction fabrics.


Saturday, May 02, 2015

 I've made progress on this top, and the blocks are all set together now. I think I'll have to photograph it in daylight to get a true indication of the sashing colour, The camera insists that it's bright yellow, and it's not.

I tried all sorts of clever pieced border ideas, and the blocks rejected them all. I was in the mood to do a heavily pieced border using more four patches- lots of mindless sewing, and using up heaps more of those small scraps. But the top says no, so who am I to argue? I've settled the border question now, and I'm cutting and sewing the strips for it, but I'm still a tad disappointed.

I can hardly wait to finish this and add the fabric to my 'Used' total. I've only added 22.25  metres of fabric to the stash this year, and I've used 22. This top will put me in the black, and I can feel virtuous about how my stash is diminishing...HA!


Monday, April 13, 2015

 I saw this quilt on ebay years ago and loved the unusual design. Quite by chance I found it again recently on the Stella Rubin Antique quilt site. I had about four of the blocks sewn together, and lots of four patches but they were scattered around in various places in my sewing room.

I found the blocks that I was looking for, as well as all the containers of random bits I'd sewn together as leader-enders. Once I'd put everything in one place I had enough to finish the twenty four blocks I needed. I then had to make sixteen half blocks for the sides, which seemed to take more time than the actual blocks.

I decided that I had enough pink sashed quilts in the works, and I'd change the colour to something else...this yellow is a bit brighter than my usual choices, but I'm liking it. The colour is off, it's darker and not as vivid as it looks in the photo, but still very cheerful.

I don't know what I'll do for the borders yet, but I still have piles and piles of four patches left over. They really are the perfect block for leader-enders, which I suppose is why I ended up with so many. They may end up in a border or they might be the start of another top, but I'm not sick of them yet and it's nice to always have them on hand.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

I'm easily distracted when I'm fishing through my old projects. I was looking for a top I'd started with four-patches, so I could join in with the current craze, and came across these blocks. As I pulled them out they landed on a bolt of fabric I'd chosen for something else, and Keryn said "Sash them with that, it will look great!" Talk about spontaneous decisions....

So in between other projects I cut sashes and posts, and started sewing this together. I have a small design wall in my sewing room, and I left it laid out on that, and just did a bit here and there. Very no stress and no hurry, and I enjoyed simply looking at it.

Then I chose the border fabric, stitched that on, and it felt like a little top had magically come into being. I always say I don't make small quilts, but over the years I seem to have accumulated a few little ones, usually made from blocks that have been abandoned and I just want to finish them off quickly.

The strange thing is, I usually fall in love with the idea again, and now I want to make a lot more of these blocks and make a large quilt from them. I just adore them, and they were very easy to cut out and sew. For every project I finish I seem to think of two more, I'll never get anywhere at this rate. But who cares? Where am I actually going? I just love the process and the fun along the way. If ever I stand in my sewing room with all my projects done and no fabric left, I can't imagine that what  I feel would be happiness.....

In other news Pippi decided yesterday that the temperatures had dropped sufficiently to justify sleeping under her quilt, as opposed to on top of it. I found her snuggled into a nice little mound on the bottom of the bed, sighing with contentment- she hates the hot weather almost as much as I do.

I blogged about these blocks back in June of 2013, and when I got to the end of that post I found a picture of Pippi, wrapped in the same quilt, how odd. And then I realised that the border fabric for another quilt I referred to was the same fabric I used for the border on this top.

Had I subconsciously linked the blocks to this fabric way back then? I might be impressed with the mind's powers, except I can't be trusted to leave the kitchen while boiling eggs these days.....


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